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Why Indian Canva ?

Indian Canva's E-Magazine would keep an artist updated , inspired and Identified upto the mazimum extent. We look forward for many more innovatory ideas to make sure the existence of Art and its Artist in the world’s history.

Who ?

This E-magazine for Indian Canva is literally for every art enthusiast who wants to achieve great heights in their artists carrier as well as the art experts who are awaiting a platform to get themselves showcased to literally lakhs of people out there.

When ?

FIRST ISSUE LAUNCHED ON 1st September,2020. Soon there will be monthly issues rolled out. In order to achieve every issue straight into you inbox us just subscribe to our E-magazine today. Every year we will be releasing a total of 12 issues.

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Get Answers To Questions Like -

    1. Do Art Degrees Matter ??
    2. What Are Career Options In Fine Art ?
    3. How To get Inspiration/ Ideas for new Artworks ?
    4. How to Over come Socio- economic barriers ?
    5. Benefit Of Art On others Life……and many more……

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